My first step into rediscovering myself. hoping to one day possess the skills to such a beautiful art..
I am new to blogging and somewhat awkward, and don't know what to write. I love pretty things, like to see nail art and makeovers and such. I do intend to actually post my manicures as my skills improve with nail art and such, I might even start posting pics. But these will probably be sporadic and even pathetic attempts while I learn so ... Bear with me please. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Polish Obsession...

OK, so I started looking for pretty things, which I love... doesn't matter what as long as its pretty.  And so I found pretty eye pictures... you know the kind, the fantasy makeup eye shadow, eyes, contacts whatever like this:

Which lead to pictures of lips like these:

Which eventually lead me to nails like these:

Which of course lead me to nail art blogs. And I have been hooked ever since. So since then I have been checking out nail art, and drooling over everyone's creativity and skill. I can only dream of being so skilled. But I have a new obsession, which is nail polish. I have always loved polish, and even when I didn't use makeup for anything else, I almost always had my nails polished. I've never had artificial nails, I keep my natural nails pretty long, so it looks good with polish. But anyway, on my newly revived nail polish high, I went down to the dollar store... because, really if I'm going to practice, I'm not going to use a $5.00+ bottle of polish. And I found some polish some of the bloggers talked about, which was LA Colors. And a vary large selection at that. And so, my shameful shopping spree began... 

A few days ago I went to the dollar store here in town and bought 15 different colors, and then today while I was in the city, I stopped by a different dollar store and they had an even bigger selection and Art Deco from LA Colors. So I bought 5 more polishes and 9 Art Decos.
I ended up with like 20 different colors, and 9 Art Deco polishes. I just got them yesterday, so I tried it out and did a pretty decent job on making a flower on my thumb.  But it will definitely take time. Today I am going to try out a 4th of July mani... haven't decided what yet, but it will be something simple, of course. The polish is really good for a $1.00 polish. It doesn't chip or fade. So for now I will be happy with these, although, I was making a wishlist to post, and boy , was it long. :P  I would like to get some crackle or shatter, though, even if some people are saying that trend is getting old... it's still new to me. :P 

OK, well off I go to play with my new toys! :)

 **None of the above pictures belong to me, just found them on the web. The top two mani pics are from whom I now faithfully follow, along with others. The cherry blossom pic was actually responsible for my recent nail polish obsession revival. :)  She has some beautiful manis on her blog. Check it out sometime. Not sure where the other pics are from, I just found them on the web, like I said.

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  1. These pictures look awesome!! I would want to try and recreate some of these looks!