My first step into rediscovering myself. hoping to one day possess the skills to such a beautiful art..
I am new to blogging and somewhat awkward, and don't know what to write. I love pretty things, like to see nail art and makeovers and such. I do intend to actually post my manicures as my skills improve with nail art and such, I might even start posting pics. But these will probably be sporadic and even pathetic attempts while I learn so ... Bear with me please. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do You Know What I Love...

....about Seche Vite? Besides it being awesome, of course...

My all-time favorite thing about Seche Vite is that even if your polish is put on funky with uneven or bumpy brush strokes... Seche Vite makes it look so smooth and nice. Purr Purr... very happy.

I always used to read about how much people love their Seche Vite, and how great it is, and I used to think, there can't be THAT much of a difference, right? I don't have a lot of money, and everyone knows how expensive a polish addiction can be, so I go cheap whenever I can. Which is what I was doing with my top coat. But since I kept hearing how good it was, and I had a $5.00 off coupon from my Sally's Beauty Card, I decided to give it a try.  Because, honestly, I probably wouldn't have spent that much on a top coat, since I didn't think it was necessary. Well, I am SO glad I did! And I will probably never use a different topcoat again. Even if it is a little more expensive, it is so worth it. Dries polish quick, looks pretty and shiny, smoothes out funky applications (which, believe me, I need!), and promotes world peace.  OK, that last one might be stretching it, but, hey, you never know.

So, yeah, anyway. Pure Seche Vite love over here. Excuse me while I go purr over my nails...


  1. Hi, its Monique from FOREVER '92 and I replied to your comment but I know some people don't anyways come back ^_^ So I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am so happy that you shared your love for Poms and I'm sorry about your lost. What was the name of your Pom?

    I always wanted to pick up the Seche Vite top coat but the price has been a turn off for a cheap person like myself ^_^ I'm also hearing things such as it causing birth defects or reproductive harm ..idk doesn't sound appealing lol

  2. I never heard the cons about Seche Vite, so I will definitely have to check into that. >.<
    If it is mostly about birth defects, I'm not too worried, 'cause I can't have any more kids anyway. Of course, it sounds scary when thinking about it, but there are so many harmful chemicals in just about everything these days, including food... I guess you just have to pick your fights.

    So maybe now I am in a strong like instead of love with it, lol.

    My Pom's name was Fifi, short for Princess Sofia, but she was already named that when I got her, and she was used to it, so we kept it. She was a sweetie and I miss her, she was always my little shadow, and I miss her running in circles when I get home, so happy to se me. But I have happy memories, and at least I am now at the point where I can think/talk about her without tearing up(most of the time).

    Sorry I go on and on about such a sad thing, but really she was my little baby. :)

  3. Hmmm maybe I should do my research as well, because you are right there are harmful chemical everywhere. I think I just kept that warning about Seche Vite in the back of my mind because I am young and I want to have some healthy chil'ens when I'm much older ^_^

    Princess Sofia is such a cute name, but for sure Fifi is a perfect name. I'm sorry to bring up her memory and for you to be sad. She sounds like such a wonderful dog, you could never replace those memories (:

  4. I do love Seche Vite too. I don't know how I painted my nails without it!