My first step into rediscovering myself. hoping to one day possess the skills to such a beautiful art..
I am new to blogging and somewhat awkward, and don't know what to write. I love pretty things, like to see nail art and makeovers and such. I do intend to actually post my manicures as my skills improve with nail art and such, I might even start posting pics. But these will probably be sporadic and even pathetic attempts while I learn so ... Bear with me please. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July

So I keep seeing some really cute manis for the Fourth of July and I really can't wait until I am able to do them.  I did come across one that seemed simple enough, so I gave it a try.  I learned how to do it on Manicured Monkey's tutorial  The tutorial is really easy to use, so I gave it a go. I don't have the glitter, so it's a little less elegant, but it still looks good with just the red, white and blue. Now, I know it probably seems easy for all you, but you have to realize, in my family we sis not use makeup, unless it was a special occasion, and then only sparingly. I used to paint my nails a lot, but I had some things happen and I kinda just didn't care anymore to keep up with that. Now, at the ripe old age of 36, I have had a revival of my polish obsession... Anyway, long story short, I never was taught how to do my own makeup, and then when I could have learned on my own, I didn't really care to. Now I am on a new campaign to reinvent myself, starting with my nails.  :)

So back to the main point of this here blog. I have been drooling over all the pretty 4th of July manis and came across Manicured Monkey's tutorial. I have been watching a lot of tutorials, and all you guys make it look so darn easy. And having my new stash of colors, I couldn't wait to try something.  I think it actually turned out well, considering I don't have the tools to make efficient manis. I had to use scotch tape, and it was a bit harder I think then nail striping tape. So Nail striping tape goes on my wishlist. I am really starting bare bones here, with only about 4 colors of polish, before my trip to the dollar store last week. And since I am on a very tight budget, it's going to be slow going at first.

By the way I besides having an obsessive/compulsive personality, I also get distracted easily, so if I jump from subject to subject and make my blog a big jumble of thoughts and stuff, then I am really sorry, and thanks for those of you who stick through it.  :)

So back to my patriotic mani... The lines are not as straight as I would like them, there was a bit of bleeding under the scotch tape, since I was afraid to press it down to hard for fear it would take some polish with it when removed. After the first couple, I got it down, so it's not too bad. Then on my pinky I had a bit of smearing, the red into the white making a bit of a streaky pink, because I tried to put the top coat on too early. (eh, heh, I also am impatient... I got all the great qualities, lol). It isn't too bad, but it made me mad. :)
All in all, it looks pretty good, better form a distance, of course, but really not bad up close.  My son absolutely loved it, and my husband seemed to, too. He's kind of a macho man, so polish isn't something he usually likes to talk about, but he tries, bless his heart. I probably bore him to death lately with my new found nail polish love, but he hasn't complained about my going on and on about how pretty nail art is, and showing him countless pictures from the web, and buying all those polishes. He has been supporting me all the way, and even tries his best to help out. Gosh, I love that man. :)

Geez, I think I have ADD. Seriously, I am so easily distracted, and my blog is a messy jumble of thoughts. SO hopefully it isn't too confusing, annoying, or boring. Bear with me. As I get used to blogging, they will get better, along with my manis. Maybe once I get a little better I will start to post pics, but for now I am way too embarrassed with my results. But you have to start somewhere right? I'm just getting a late start. :)

Well, one more thing before I go. I really love my mani, and it;s for the 4th... but that's still a whole day away.... and I want to go play with more manis  :(  I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those people that changes manis every other day , or every day. Which is really a waste, but what can I say.  I will try to wait one more day.... ugh so long... and the I will change it. I already know which one I want to try next. It's form Konad Addict's blog, and I can't wait to try it. It looks simple enough (yeah, it all looks simple with all these skilled nail artists). Wish me luck! :P

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