My first step into rediscovering myself. hoping to one day possess the skills to such a beautiful art..
I am new to blogging and somewhat awkward, and don't know what to write. I love pretty things, like to see nail art and makeovers and such. I do intend to actually post my manicures as my skills improve with nail art and such, I might even start posting pics. But these will probably be sporadic and even pathetic attempts while I learn so ... Bear with me please. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

1st Attempt at Marble Mani

OK, so as I've said before, all you dang nail polish artists always make everything look easy... And so, my next attempt was marbling.  I've watched so many tutorials, read other tutorials... seen pic... so I decided to try. I picked two purples and a white. Right now all I have is LA Colors, because I need to practice without spending a lot of money. SO the colors I used were: Energy Source (white), Nuclear Purple (light purple), and Fiji Purple (darker but bright purple). I started with my left hand, and then went to my right. The very first finger I did, my left thumb, was completely different from my others, and the closest to the design I wanted, but still somehow not right. So the right hand is somewhat light with bigger designs, and then as I started to get on a roll, my  left hand got a little more intricate. Still nothing like I wanted, but OK for a first try and I was able to figure out through 10 fingers the ins and outs of marbling. Besides not getting the designs quite right, I ended up with a lot of little bubbles/blisters. And I still have some cleanup to do, but I probably won't bother, since I am going to be scrappin' this mani for a different one real soon. It is a sloppy attempt, but I'll still post it, so later when I am a super duper awesome nail artist, I can look back and cringe.  :P

Left Hand
Right Hand

Left Hand Fingers
Right Hand Fingers

Right Hand Thumb

  I don't have a pic of my left thumb, cause I messed it up before taking a pic.  :o
So anyway, this is the sad attempt at marbling, I will try again, of course, after all how will I get better right?  But I haven't decided if I will attempt these again tomorrow with different colors, or if I will try a different technique and come back to marbling another time... we shall see how I feel tomorrow.  :P

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